My Story

I am Hannes Els, founder of the Care Free Digital Life.

I am married to Carla and we have two beautiful children, Nicola and Ruben.

Two of my passions in life is farming and my part-time digital business. Both involve helping people from all walks of life to improve their own lives.

I live and work on a beautiful citrus farm in South Africa and I would like to tell you why I do what I do.

My first job way back when was as a bank admin clerk which I did for 5½ years and I hated it. I left that job to join a family business in the construction industry. The economy was tough though and I eventually had to find another job to make ends meet.

So, I found a job as a farm manager which I really loved. (I grew up as a farm boy by the way). But after a few years, I ended up working in a factory. It was still on a farm but I hated working there.

I then got a job at an agricultural supply company. But after 4½ years I was fed up with company life again.

That was when I first tried my hand at an online business. I really enjoyed the freedom it had to offer, but it was a complete failure. The training was inadequate and there was a lack of support.

I was lucky enough to get another job as farm manager at a very good company and I have been working for them ever since.

But I had a problem. Time and age have been catching up with me. When I retire one day I will not have the adequate means to maintain a decent lifestyle.

I also have to provide a decent education for my children and that is not cheap in my country.

So, I started surfing the net again to teach myself more about internet marketing in order to earn an extra income. I tried a few free affiliate programs with some degree of success but it was small commissions.

I then came across a community of people who changed my life. They have the know-how and support to start your own successful online business. And they have been doing it successfully for years. This community enriches lives in more ways than just earning an income.

Now I am on my way to reach my goals and the life I ultimately want to live, while I can still live out my passion by producing food to feed the world and provide work to the people of this beautiful country. This is what the Care Free Digital Life means to me.

I am also a firm believer in the saying: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

So, if you are looking to make a change in your life or someone else’s life, whatever that change might look like, then I would love to help you.