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When I was working my first job back in the 90’s, it was custom for head office to send out circulars on a variety of subjects.

One such type of circular that reached us every now and then was the one where a member of staff would retire. It would normally sound like this: It pleases the company to announce that Mr. So and so, after 40 years of service will retire at the end of the month.

Sadly, in many instances, another circular would follow a few months later announcing that the very same person who retired just a short while ago, passed on.

It really saddened me to see people who devoted their whole working life to one company could never enjoy the retirement that they so richly deserved. That was the first time that I realized that I do not want to live my life like that.

I also saw a lot of people struggling to cope with the stresses of their careers. People in their 40’s being declared medically unfit due to stress related health problems. Deemed unfit to continue making a productive contribution to society.

In other walks of life, I also noticed people falling prey to substance and alcohol abuse in an effort to cope. This unfortunately also led to devastating results in their family and personal lives.

The sad part is that this is still happening today. People living meaningless and unfulfilled lives is still a common occurrence. And don’t confuse a passion with not knowing how to do something else.

Finding another job is not always the answer either because in many circumstances it will turn out to be more of the same anyway.

There are alternatives, however.  

  1. You can buy a franchise business. This can be a good option but can be expensive. Depending on the type of business you should also consider the implications of having staff,  paying rent and other overheads to contend with as well as adhering to the franchise’s rules and regulations. One of the advantages of going this route would be the training and backup provided. The time that you have to put in to succeed maybe a lot, however.

  2. Start your own business from scratch. Consider that you will have to develop your business from the ground up. You may have trouble getting finance to start your business (no proven track record) limiting your potential for growth. According to some researchers, 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. Same problem with time as mentioned in option 1.

  3. Starting a part-time business while still working full-time. The success of this option will depend on how you can manage to work full-time while learning a new skill and building your business. It should be able to run on autopilot while you still have the security of your current career. Setup costs can also be lower and you may be able to obtain finance using your current salary as security. Professional training should be provided in order for you to be equipped adequately.

For me, option 3 made the most sense when I decided to do something about my situation.

I also had the good fortune to find a system that offered me the best of both worlds. I got training and coaching by professionals who already did the hard yards in doing business online.

They also helped me in setting up my own online business. I still have the safety net of my career while my online business can grow from strength to strength.

You should, however, be prepared to invest in yourself and in your business if you want to proceed this way.

So, if you feel you are stuck in an unfulfilled career and looking for a safe way to make a change, then I would love to show you the system I am using. For more information please click here

Just imagine this view while working stress-free one day. Not to mention being young enough to enjoy it.