About the CFDL

Hi there!

I am Hannes Els, founder of the Care Free Digital Life (CFDL). The CFDL is my part-time online business and what follows is how it all came about.

I am married to Carla and we have two beautiful children, Nicola and Ruben.

Throughout my working life, I have always been longing to work for myself and to have the freedom that comes with it.

My first attempt at trying to start an online business failed dismally.The training was inadequate and there was a lack of support. I was fortunate to find a job at a good company where I have been working ever since. 

But I had a problem. Time and age have been catching up with me. When I retire one day I will not have the adequate means to maintain a decent lifestyle. I also have to provide a decent education for my children and that is not cheap in my country.

In my quest to find ways to supplement my income, I came across the people who changed my life. They showed me how to start my own online business.

And they have been doing it successfully for years. This community enriches lives in more ways than just earning an extra income.

I am now able, as an affiliate marketer, to still enjoy a career that I love, while my online business is taking care of the rest.

This is what a Care Free Digital Life means to me.

Hannes Els